Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Twitch and The Flutterbydaisy Victorian Slip-Dress Shoot... Part One

Flutterbydaisy Victorian Inspired Slip Dresses will be in my Etsy shop late April
Photography : Twitch Photos


Tales From The Treehouse

We all need someone we can dream on... stopped before she started to think the Fox was all right, before she turned Vixen; ironic mate of Fox. Talk of emotional evolution, of repeating of keeping, why when feelings fester we get lost, and why foxes are scared of boxes. She can't see the future in front and the past is fading. She can no longer sing when they are singing but she can give her self up and over and happily so; found the part which had been detached: re attachment, attachment. After she will know no other, to her own detriment if that's how you'd prefer to define it. Either that or nothing at all. Human Nature and love... the thing we used to be before we were trapped in all of this and allowed it to confuse us, let's put ourselves back together again, if only in part: because our inside has out-grown the outer but running or denying is never the answer. I just don't know what is. Or what is. Or what. What was the question again? don't think there was one but I do love you with all of my insides. Always. Without condition.


Anonymous said...

I love these.. and the pictures too, you're so talented uni bunch :)

Anonymous said...

o i thought i commented but its not showing.. anyhoo i love these dresses.. and your pictures are always so lovely :)

Natanya said...