Sunday, 29 April 2012

Dolls in Houses, with Esther Dee and a Duck...

A Pretty house: half fallen, half restored - magic bits and bobs in all its nooks and crannies... this is where we went: me and my fluttery team (make-up: Luna Viola, assistant stylist: Sylvia Mann) to take dolls house photos of Esther Dee in Flutterbydaisy frills
find new dresses *here* tomorrow : find more photos from this shoot *here*

Esther Dee and the Carousel at The Comedy, London, 13th April
... here we finished cocktails, bopped around, caught up, rocked out and jolly well had a good night...

...She didn't realise she had a new friend; that duck followed her everywhere....

* Esther Dee the Pirate by Flutterbydaisy *

Tales From The Treehouse

A bee busy and there's not enough coffee in the world... if you'd have stayed and left work somewhere else we would have probably fallen further through a caterpillar hole where time goes all funny then 3 hours have passed in a slow blink of an eye.  I wanted to be closer to you; inside your chest and your eye, like the movie where they're tiny.  
Inside.  Inside and all over...
Who would have ever thought this could have happened.
...It's the rest that's unbelievable now... but I'll get a magic pass and escape, might be wrong but I'm not caring, at least we can sit in the dark together.
The bunny: loved.


My name is Peggy Sue said...

Your dress are amazing!! Alice dress perfect for me! thank so much! i follow you now! kissss

Natanya Louise Waybourne said...

Hey petal, thank you so much... Have a magical day <3 xx