Thursday, 29 March 2012

Fae Findings with a twist, on the rocks, with a pink umbrolly

* Behind the Scenes images by Barnaby Cooper *
of the Recent Flutterbydaisy Fashion shoot by Danniella Jaine with Flower Crowns and Feather Headdress by Rouge Pony and Jewels by Bionic Unicorn
Danniellas photo set to follow shorty and I simply cannot wait!

We made a little video too... this is the extent of the film crew, me and Barney; we are director, camera man, grips, runners, cinematographer and editor.... :)
find the finished video here and on my YouTube Channel at some point in the not too distant future with music to be added by Lilies On Mars... lalal la lala la laaaaaa

...Took my Instax Mini out for the adventure too... but I only had 4 frames left :(


'... is capable of enhancing intuition by making the link that exists between our human mind and the universal consciousness more transparent.'
... I found this one before, he sits on my shelf and talks to me when it's quiet ...

The Story Of The Shoot

...This dream came to me not so long back - a new poster is what I was after to send with all the dresses I make... Danniella; the perfect photographer for the job, because she's a fairy too... we've known each other forever but only just met. Now I wished we lived closer for often-every-day-tea-parties and such. The dresses for the shoot are all made inspired by Fluorite and will be available to buy from my Etsy Shop mid April.
I fell into the Rouge Pony shop and fell in-love... Karin and I then did a craft swap; Flutterbydaisy Frock for a wonderful Feather Headdress which inspired me heaps and put a whole new spin on the whole poster idea, shoot and video. The cream on my bun was having the Jewels by Bionic Unicorn, which is where I bought my first Etsy finding from long long ago; a pretty Key necklace with a cute Dragonfly pendant... the four cherries on top were of course the four pretties Danniella found for us to play dress up with... Can't wait to see the final set... I'm super excited....
Some inspiration from Bionic Unicorn, Rouge Pony, an Indian Chief and some Fairies:

... And some more Fluorite, Fairy, Feather fanciful findings from Etsy land, and of course where to find them...


Tales From The Treehouse

Road trip; adventure time, with a pretty day and prettier night time. Tiny maps and take away cheese, melt downs and pick me ups, then everything was sunny. We got lost all over and followed all the blue dots. No questions said the snail in a shell as she retreated to her place which is always colder... she will learn to talk with the other animals she swears because her bird, you know, my bird, he's right and lovely: the loveliest. There will be many more adventures to come, I can feel it in his fathers...



Papillon Bleu said...

I think I will definitely have to make a series of dolls inspired by your universe! Love it!

Look! I am your 200th follower! I hope it will bring you luck in your future projects and I see that there are many!

On another subject, I read what you wrote about the fluorite.My best friend from France bought me a fluorite bracelet and said "this is perfect for you".

Your photo shoots are brilliant. Will pop to your Youtube to see more of your video.

Bye for now!

Natanya said...

ooo that would be lovely! we should do a crafty-creative trade... lalala...

thank you for being number 200 <3 and for all your wishes ... Looking forward to buying and reading your book soon :)

... I'm still working on my second little video, it should be ready soon, then Lilies on Mars are going to make some pretty music for it :) my first one is funny to look back on, can't believe how long ago it was!

keep in touch sweet pea xxx

The Factory said...

hej, just saw you on lookbook and thought what an adorable dress. happy easter greetings from the factory girls.


Natanya said...

aww thank you poppet <3 xx