Saturday, 12 November 2011

Girl of my Dreams... Lula

* Polaroid From Lula Magazine Issue 2 *

* Cover print from Lula Magazine issue 1 *

One day walking through eBay I came across an A5 Kirsten Dunst embellished Lula Advertisement postcard from 2007, I was trying to get another Lula fix after I'd bought all the back issues I had previously missed, so I bought it and cyber-bumped-into Becky Smith, the creative director of Lula up until issue 8, we got to talking and now I have lots of Lula goodies arrive in the post, some of which are these prints and polaroids that now live on my wall. I'm a happy bunny and so is my wall...

* 3 more Lula Polaroid out-takes *
More tales from the treehouse:
Pool in a favourite unlikely haunt and there's me and there's you and we're talking about things that matter and I'm happy. I won't try to keep the pirate that wants to run away to play in fields in the dark with twigs for breakfast, as much as I'd like to - because that would be selfish. I do like mornings now though and falling asleep and all the things we do in between. Witness me fall. But not stupidly this time, not blindly, just completely.

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Caroline Ergy Erg said...

I love the last three photos-they're beautiful!