Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Ode to St Valentine, whoever he is...

We loved with a love that was more than love ~ Edgar Allan Poe

* Ode to St Valentine Flutterbydaisy collection *

... Beautiful Macabre; heart shaped Etsy findings ...

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Tales From The Treehouse

... something more than can be understood from down here, just felt and overwhelmingly so. There was a song and she sang about what I know it is now, swirling to the sky, I now know because I can feel it; a locked box of erratic moths. I can say the things you say I can't because they are honest, though the future is no longer there not even the then or now because time's not here anymore, it's forever and not at all in the same breath, because that's what complete feels like. I won't wonder and wish or wait and worry; the words are fading into nonsense as I write them beside time and compulsory because they aren't real either; word patterns:thought patterns, pass me an eraser; delete them all... imagine the paper illimitable, not bleak, just positively blank.



Shira said...

Beautiful! thank you!

Iris said...

I really love your outfit, super pretty and happy Valentine`s day by the way♥!

Natanya said...

@Shira you're welcome poppet I love your work! xx

@Iris thank you sweetpea <3 happy Valentines Day to you too ... hope you had a beautiful one xx