Saturday, 3 July 2010

The Hare and the Squirrel

My old postcard came ... I love it, put it in a frame next to my vintage rabbit painting. My collection of curiosities is growing, so now I have to keep an eye out wherever I go incase I miss something. Outside of my window just now a couple of squirrels just jumped across the trees in my garden and one of them fell off, I shouldn't giggle really - but I bet the other one did. So yesterday I celebrated my 100th sale via Etsy! went to meet Julia and Shelley at Big Red for a drink and a catch up... Getting ready now to go and meet everyone in Soho via Camden, it's sunny and it's Pride so we thought we'd go sit on a green bit somewhere to drink bubbley stuff.


Jupitersrabbits said...

Every time I see a picture of a bunny my heart sinks a little... reminds me of my baby Sadie who died in April :(... x x

bonnie said...

i have a 1960s poster of that bunny! found it in a cupboard under the stairs, all nibbled by mice :) its such a gorgeous drawing! xxx

I am Bonnie Baker said...

oops- sent from wrong account! this is my proper one :D xxx