Saturday, 3 April 2010

Near the woods

Today I went to visit Nuala and her lovely little moggy ... I had to hide my ribbons, but she liked me really untill the very end, we think she was playing anyway. We moved the pretty screen and took some photos semi-inspired by Opelia. We were going to walk through the woods after but the mud was everywhere, we did walk past Spike Milligans house though. I love it over there - the scenery is yum. I didn't feel like I was in London, which was nice. London is suffocating recently. Our day was a dream... made sureal by the lushness of Nualas awesome home baked chocolate cake... I could eat it for breakfast everyday. When I got home a fever happened and I got lost. Bad things were happening but I put them all there myself. George made me Lemon and Ginger tea which made me feel better then I watched One Hour Photo which made me feel less crazy. I dreamed that night of secrets that I can't tell you. Maybe one of you was there...

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