Sunday, 7 March 2010

Awake and lit up, but gone

And she forgets it all, or rather can't think of any of it; it's all blank as she goes away..... again. She forgets her name and the faces of all those people, any people: him and her. The lights make her feel better as she understands how now those lights are the only things that are there, here, the only thing she can feel. If she wanted to - she could switch them off.
Today, I bought some cheese from Maria because all I wanted to do when I woke up was eat a cheese sandwich (more so than all the other times in the day when I want a cheese sandwich) Looking at each other was like looking into a mirror; we are both so exhausted, her with lack of sleep and me with I'm not sure what because right now it's hard for me to think... and if I knew you wouldn't need to know about it. Later because the film was sold out me and Tom went to The Diner and had yum burgers, with him I felt like me again. Then I went to The Big Red to have a drink with Julia and Shelley. I love them all a lot, and don't know what I'd do right now without any of them .... *
And so I find myself sitting here again at, whatever time it is... with strange TV on in the background. I'm going to write for a while and then I have to sleep : tomorrow I have a date with some dinosaurs.

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