Friday, 3 August 2012

Fireflies, fairies and fauns oh my

A Flutterbydaisy Firefly Dress

Photo: Fautum Faun * Bonniey Belle Charis 

Jewellery & Accessories : Doubious Designs / Sword & Bough

my latest dresses are hiding... waiting to be found in my shop
at the end of August / beginning of September


... one day I will live in a floating cave, only fireflies with which to play ...

Until then these are pretty ones I found in etsy land
1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Tales from the Treehouse

It's hard to be near and far at the same time, but sometimes she has to and they like it like that.  Will your face be blurred? I'm not certain I'd like to see.  The only interest I should have is me but that place has been taken, placed before it and maybe unnecessarily so because to define either as not both is complicated.  There are some times where the following days I can see, imagining, are floating quiet rolling and green, but others words fly out and rest uneasy inside on the drum, banging on it until it's really loud.  I shake my head, but it won't go away this time, not like in that poem... because there are no imaginary places left to fall asleep in.  Just reality and I left my duvet there.  So I have to make them with my hands and pins, but they are really big and it's harder than I'd thought.


Amy said...

I absolutely adore your work! When I am not so skint, buying one of your dresses will be at the top of my list!

Natanya said...

yey! <3 Xxx

Anonymous said...

Love this dress, how much is it?

Natanya Louise Waybourne said...

Hey sweetness this is a Daisy Dress, they are different everytime in whatever colour/fabric you'd like with any decorations, here's a link to a Daisy Dress Custom Listing on my Etsy Page :