Wednesday, 27 January 2010

A new Friend

Natanya Waybourne went to the shops to buy... some wool, Natanya Waybourne went to the shops to buy some wool and this tiny little bunny she found. She was just looking up at me from a shelf near the wool. She was surrounded by other pets and barn yard animals but she didn't have any friends I could tell. But now she is sitting on my bookshelf with all the other bunnies I've collected. They are all happy now; they sing to me when I sew.
By the way... I keep hearing gremlins underneath my floorboards. At least I think they are gremlins, they don't sound like mice - unless they are the ones that followed me from the horrible house and they are in fact mice, but dressed as gremlins; mice on the run, or on the prowl... evil mice. by the way ladies and gents and petals it's 2am again (the gremlin-mice just got louder) and I'm tired. But In other news I made two pretty frocks today, one is covered all the way up in frills and lace yum.

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