Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Shh ... there are pixies in this forest ...

Yesterday we went for a drive to a quiet little forest where we took some photos of some of the new dresses and knits I've made. We flashed a couple of birds a squirrels, but they didn't mind, they think dresses are silly things anyway... one man and his dog stopped by at some point, he told him we were pixies. There was a pretty fallen tree now a log which is where I decided I would live if I did ever shrink to the size of a pea (which I will one day) ... but today I'm trying to fix my website, it should be back online soon and prettier, maybe in a week or so ... more dresses and knits on their way too (if the goblins don't steal them) but for now here's where to find my shop direct: http://www.flutterbydaisy.etsy.com/

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