Saturday, 27 February 2010

should be sleeping

Haha I've just realised that the ballerina doll I posted below is sitting like me in the pic of at the top of this blog... aaaannyyyywaaaayyy ... was on ebay again - and not only managed to find my dream shoes but also this little cameo which reminds me of books my Nana used to read to me. I should buy it to wear at my show, which is getting closer and now the nerves are kicking in- mainly about drawing the raffle (as I get the best talk related stage fright in the world) So.... on my TV now is some woman trying to make me make a face cream from avocado - eh... and shes making juuice- but it's soooo expensive to make this green juice stuff, firstly they make you get organic stuff and then there's the whole cleaning the juicer business afterwards AND she's wearing a green top --- sorry, tangent. Ok I'm tired, and again with the rice crispies obsession - I'm going to go raid my cupboard (I know where they are, it's just more exciting to raid kitchen cupboards for midnight/4am feast... come to my fashion show - I'll bring rice crispies and we can get drunk on them.

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